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Inverse fever

The temperature rises in the early hours of morning rather than in the evening. It is also seen in some cases of miliary tuberculosis. .... read more

2 year(s) ago 311

Night Sweats

The rise in body temperature is evident in the evening hours or the patient may be woken up at night with sweating. Tuberculosis, leukemias, autoimmune disorders may have this fever. .... read more

2 year(s) ago 296

Causes of Fever

Infection Neoplasms Vascular Causes Trauma .... read more

2 year(s) ago 282

Special Types of Fever Fever with Rigors

Fever with Rigors This occurs in: Malaria Kala azar Filariasis Urinary tract infection Cholangitis Septicemia Infective endocarditis .... read more

2 year(s) ago 316