Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How To Consult

Mission Chronic Cure is an online counsultation platform which has been designed to promote Homoeopathic treatment at a global level. We have created special ONLINE CONSULTATION plans for the internet users, making benefits of Homoeopathy available to millions in different parts of the world.

1. Patient fill up the form very carefully

2. Enter the referral mobile number if someone give the referral mobile number to the patient, patient will get 10% discount on every ONLINE CONSULTATION.

3. Patient got Two options (a). Patient Login (b). Partner Login. Patient will click Patient Login. Again patient fill up the form through own email address and password will remain is mobile number.

4. Patient will get his/her Profile.

5. Now patient can fill up the Case Performa

6. Patient can view own prescription in their profile

7. Patient has to take an appointment for the particular Doctor before he or she submit the whole case history.

8. Patient click after all the formalities and get Payment options. Patient can deposit the consultation charges according to their convenient.

9. Doctor can view the Patient’s profile and analysis the case, if further Doctor has a doubt or wants more details, will arrange the call through our customer care department and give the PROPER ONLINE TREATMENT after that.

10. Patient will get the prescription within two days. Patient can view this prescription in hir or her Patient’s Profile. He can print out that PRESCRIPTION or PAYMENT BILL.

11. Patient can purchase the medicines from anywhere.

12. The Consultation Charge is Rs. 500/- which is valid for 10 days. If he uses any referral mobile number then will get 50% off on every consultation charge. After 10 days patient has to deposit Rs. 500/- or Rs. 450/- for Consultations.